lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

Tissues from the Alhambra, Poem I - Poema I, Pañuelos de La Alhambra, traducido al inglés por Gordon Mason

How bright are the lights of my city.
Do they look beautiful to you?
From this hill castles become colours:
blues, greens, reds, yellows, whites.
Wrapping all illusions
in my eyes like I hope of you
sharing my vision,
handing out the lights under these stars.
Look, do you like them?
After that you see we descend into the streets
and breathe the night among the people
to give you the atmosphere that currently is mine.
Before descending, we pass by the Alhambra
for you to drink in the gardens and rest by the waters
and you can understand the magic of a walk in my eyes.
Then, to the library and rest
night-scented jasmine will enter from the terrace
and talking with you the night will shorten
until my eyes close
to yoke the world to my way ...

I know you cannot hear me
but perhaps right now you are feeling
a strange restlessness.

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