martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

Tissues from the Alhambra, Poem LX, (Pañuelos de La Alhambra, Poema LX, traducido por Gordon Mason)

Tonight pours silence
into the apparent tranquillity of the events
that follow life’s course.

Water returns to its riverbed
and meets with the calm of home
after sleepless nights of sirens
and molten ash.

Pebbles from the moon
find rest in the meanders of the river
which carries water into the silken lake and reflection
where the gods built the temple of Ulysses
on return from sea.

The world’s metaphor has centres of sun and moon
and the invisible poet combs streaks of light
over the unsightly clay of thought,
forgets from where he has come
and seeks to know where he is going.

Breath sprouts from hot springs;
the lake sleeps in the song of the stars;
the bird folds its wings in its nest
and, on a branch of life,
man finds in the night
shelter for his being.